Things to Do

Activities around the Lodge and Safaris

Things to do Around

Tanzania Safari and Hiking

At Maasai Lodge, we have Activities to keep you engaged, familiar and always happy. Below is a list of things you may want to try and experience the hidden glamour. We can tailor made any Activity as per your wish and customize for the fullest enjoyment.

Meditation Room & Sauna

"Warm your heart" Meditation Room & Sauna, everything here is organically geared toward feeling better, living better, looking better and healthier.”

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Donkey Ride with the Maasai

Donkey ride with the Maasai a unique way to experience life as simply as the Maasai do

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Cultural Maasai Singing & Dancing on Sunset

Cultural Maasai Singing & Dancing during the Sunset

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Nature Walks with the Maasai

Nature Walk with the Maasai and visiting the nearby never seen before "Rock "Trees". A walking adventure in the bush provides a new perspective on the African landscape and its many residents. These walks are taking place in the Maasai Steppes…

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Visit a Maasai Boma

Visit the Maasai area, the cultures and their activities. With picnic lunch we drive to Masai village for full day learn about their culture, traditions and ways of life of the Masai tribe. You will be accompanied by a Maasai guide throughout…

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Maasai Story Telling during Camp Fire

Maasai legends and folktales tell much about the origin of present-day Maasai beliefs.

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Attend Maasai Festival and Dance

Maasai's rich cultural heritage by visiting their homes and attending Maasai cultural shows and Festivals as well as Maasai Dancing

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Walking with traditional Maasai herbs

Walking with traditional Maasai herbs, Herb walks focusing on medicinal plants native to the area

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Spear Throwing Competition

Practice of permaculture, spear throwing competitions with the local Maasai

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Small Mountain Hikings

Nearby small Mountain climb with an extraordinary view of Mount Meru & Kilimanjaro

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Safari and Game Drives

The Maasai lodge is set in bush savannah, home to antelope species like impala, kudu, eland, zebras and waterbucks, as well as giraffe, zebra, warthog, wildebeest, ostrich and porcupine. The bird-life is also varied and you may see secretary…

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Osiligilai Maasai Lodge, 4 Days Activity

Day 1 - Arrival at the lodge At the arrival you will be warmly welcomed by our friendly Maasai staff as they greet you with traditional Maasai dance and song. There will be served a traditional Maasai welcome drink before you will be guided…

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